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Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth may have new gameplay options and characters.
Gamers will nonetheless have the chance to go on dates on the Gold Saucer, just like the unique sport, with completely different character interactions and encounters.
Vincent and Yuffie will not be optionally available characters and can be absolutely included into the primary story of Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

There are a number of new items of knowledge stemming from the Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo and its associated developer interviews, indicating many character and story surprises, in addition to new and improved gameplay options. The title is a direct sequel to Last Fantasy 7 Remake and can proceed telling the story of Cloud and his Avalanche companions as they enterprise by Gaia after the destruction of a big portion of Midgar. They seek for Sephiroth, who will be the key to fixing the issues that have an effect on the planet – even when he’s the most important risk to it as effectively.

Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the second sport within the remake trilogy of the traditional Sq. Enix RPG, and won’t finish the story fully. Whereas it bases itself primarily on what was constructed with FF7 Remake, it is going to add a number of new options that make the sport really feel recent compared to its predecessor, particularly due to how the world to be explored is offered this time round. As the story develops, gamers may also encounter new characters that may grow to be allies – a few of which had been accessible within the unique sport, whereas others could also be brand-new additions.

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10 Sephiroth Is Playable

One of the vital interesting points of interest in Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth is that Sephiroth can be a playable character. Though he’s the title’s important villain, he can be featured as an ally in flashbacks of Cloud’s previous within the SOLDIER program, very similar to he did within the traditional 1997 sport. This time round, nonetheless, Sephiroth can be controllable.

The character is totally playable throughout these sections, and gamers will be capable of fully ignore Cloud if they like to easily make the most of Sephiroth and his overly giant katana. The truth that he isn’t solely aiding Cloud however 100% controllable within the real-time motion reinterpretation of the traditional sport is of nice gameplay worth.

9 Vincent & Cid Will Present Up

Each Vincent Valentine and Cid are certain to point out up as characters in Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth, even when they don’t current themselves as playable heroes within the sport. It’s anticipated that they are going to be like Pink XIII was in Last Fantasy 7 Remake: current within the social gathering’s endeavors, however not controllable.

Vincent was already teased within the sport’s trailers, displaying him awakening from his slumber in a coffin. Cid, then again, was not proven. Nonetheless, a developer interview shared by AitaiKimochi on Twitter, exhibits that the Tiny Bronco aircraft sequence can be accessible. As he’s answerable for the plane within the unique sport, it’s greater than doubtless Cid will make an look in FF7 Rebirth.

8 Zack Will Have His Personal Episode

As a result of Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth is retelling the story of the unique sport in its personal trend, there are a number of narrative mysteries which have but to be uncovered. Considered one of them is Zack Truthful’s presence within the story. Additionally, in keeping with AitaiKimochi on Twitter, Zack may have a narrative part within the new sport for PlayStation 5.

The mission with Zack in Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth can be fully new and is one thing that was not even teased within the unique sport. Within the unique title, he was already useless, however there are teasers pointing to him being alive in FF7 Rebirth, even when he nonetheless has not crossed paths with Cloud’s group.

7 You Can Nonetheless Go On Dates At The Gold Saucer

In the course of the occasions that happen within the unique title’s Gold Saucer, gamers can take Cloud on a date with completely different characters, each of reverse and the identical intercourse. This can be a returning characteristic in Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth, in keeping with the aforementioned Twitter put up by AitaiKimochi.

Within the unique sport, Cloud may have a single particular encounter with any one in all his staff members. Yuffie would kiss him, whereas Aerith would offer a joyful experience on the Gondola. The dates in Last Fantasy 7 performed out in a selected method that began with Cloud’s interactions in Midgar, so it’s unsure how they may happen in FF7 Rebirth, as it’s separated from FF7 Remake.

6 Vincent & Yuffie Are Not Non-obligatory Characters

Whereas Vincent and Yuffie had been secret and optionally available characters unlocked through aspect quests within the unique sport, they may now be an ordinary a part of the expertise in Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Gamers is not going to have to perform any secondary objectives to acquire them – Yuffie, as an illustration, had her encounter adjusted to Junon, the place Cloud’s social gathering will encounter (and rescue) her organically.

As posted by AitaiKimochi, one thing related will occur with Vincent. Although he’ll nonetheless be encountered in his lair, Vincent can be absolutely included into the story so as to add depth to the character relationships that type round Cloud. This compulsory presence additionally implies that they may have key roles in the primary story of FF7 Rebirth.

5 You Can Pet The Chocobo In FF7 Rebirth

In accordance with a Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth preview session captured and posted on YouTube by Aruuu, gamers will be capable of unlock small checkpoints known as Chocobo Stops. Upon fixing the fallen put up signal within the space, the close by child Chocobo can be happy, permitting Cloud to work together with them by petting them. The part was proven by Can You Pet The Canine on Twitter.

Petting animals in video games has grow to be a staple in the course of the previous few years, a lot in order that gamers usually categorical disappointment when the characteristic just isn’t accessible. Whereas there are not any creatures to be petted in Last Fantasy 7 Remake, this was “corrected” in FF7 Rebirth by including the joyful little Chocobo cub.

4 Synergy Strikes Enable For Staff-Up Assaults

One of many new gameplay options in FF7 Rebirth’s fight is the presence of Synergy Strikes, which can permit social gathering members to staff up for particular combo assaults that deal additional harm and look fashionable. Synergy assaults take into accounts the precise characters performing the transfer, so no skill will ever look the identical until it’s carried out by the identical two social gathering members.

Some Synergy strikes will be AoE, whereas others will be centered on a single goal. Understanding how every pairing works and utilizing them below the proper circumstances can be a significant side of the core gameplay loop in Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth. These Synergies, in keeping with a put up on the PlayStation Weblog, are divided between Abilities and Skills.

3 Chocobo Customization Is A Large Factor In FF7 Rebirth

As proven by Aruuu’s preview, Chocobo customization can be an enormous ingredient current in Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Gamers will be capable of receive Chocobo of various colours and, along with that, add bardings to them. In a way, it looks like there can be some similarities with customizing Chocobos in Last Fantasy 14.

The bardings in FF7 Rebirth, nonetheless, may also be customizable, so gamers can change the colour palette of the gear the Chocobo is sporting. That is becoming, as Chocobos will play an essential half within the sport, being the primary technique of transportation throughout Gaia – they may even assist encounter treasures.

2 The Map Is Principally Open-World, Like The Authentic Publish-Midgar

After leaving Midgar within the unique Last Fantasy 7, gamers encountered the open-world of Gaia – technical limitations made it segmented, however gamers may discover freely. This may also be the case with Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth. A lot of the world of Gaia accessible within the second remake title can be positioned on an open-world map, ripe for exploration.

This can broaden the sport considerably compared to Last Fantasy 7 Remake, as there may also be much more aspect content material to do. The primary title within the remake sequence was very linear, although gamers may transition between Sectors. This time, gamers will go to Cosmo Canyon, Costa Del Sol, Junon, and far more – all whereas using their Chocobos.

1 Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Finish At The Metropolis Of The Ancients

In accordance with AitaiKimochi’s put up highlighting the developer interview, Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s story will finish on the Forgotten Capital, often known as The Metropolis Of The Ancients. Within the unique sport, that is the place a groundbreaking occasion in each the title and the gaming business occurred. The builders additionally point out that the occasions that lead as much as that second might not essentially play out as they did within the unique.

Actually, there are a variety of theories about Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth that indicate that the primary occasion in Forgotten Capital might not even happen – and if it happens, it could occur with a grand twist. How Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth will play out and arrange the third and closing installment within the remake sequence is unknown, however the future is thrilling for followers of the traditional Sq. Enix RPG.

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