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Warning: This text accommodates spoilers about The Nun 2!

“The Nun II” introduces new inconsistencies and plot holes, altering beforehand established origins and complicated the franchise’s timeline.
Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren are revealed to be family in “The Conjuring” universe, sharing the identical power and skills.
“The Nun II” provides new demons, such because the Goat Demon, increasing the lore of the franchise and establishing potential future appearances.

Whereas The Nun II does a terrific deal to develop the lore and world-building in The Conjuring Universe, it additionally modifications a few of the mechanics and occasions of the franchise on the identical time. The sequel to The Nun finds Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) as soon as once more confronting The Demon Nun, aka the vessel of Valak, in France within the ’50s. Like its predecessor, this movie capabilities as a prequel to every thing that occurs in The Conjuring I – III in addition to the Annabelle movies, and units up fairly a little bit of the malevolence concerned within the instances investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, respectively).

So far as the place The Nun II suits into The Conjuring timeline, it creates plenty of inconsistencies and in some instances, plot holes which will damage the franchise going ahead. Sure characters in The Nun II function prominently in later movies within the franchise, and their beforehand established origins have been altered to the extent that the flicks have turn out to be complicated even when watched in succession. Ordinarily, a prequel sequence is supposed to reply sure questions and clear up specific mysteries, not generate extra, and the most important ways in which The Nun II modifications The Conjuring Universe may alter its future going ahead.

6 The Nun 2 Makes Sister Irene & Lorraine Warren Family

By the tip of The Nun II, it is confirmed that Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren are associated in The Conjuring Universe. Sister Irene is revealed to be a descendant of Saint Lucy, who had the divine reward of sight, which was one of many causes she was despatched to the abbey within the first place when it was suspected that an evil presence lurked beneath it. Sister Irene has visions of St. Lucy within the fifth century and her life all through the movie, in addition to her personal mom, and even Lorraine, resulting in the belief that she carries the identical power and skills because the martyr and all the ladies in her bloodline.

The occasions of The Nun II happen simply shy of 20 years earlier than the occasions of The Conjuring, when Lorraine Warren is already in her 40s, so whereas Irene could not be her mom, they’re related ultimately. Sadly, not solely does their distinctive reward of sight be part of them collectively, nevertheless it additionally binds them to Valak. The connective tethering of their relationship is especially efficient throughout the clock tower scene, when Sister Irene’s eyes glow, and for a second, followers can glimpse Loraine Warren’s eyes additionally glowing equally.

5 The Nun 2 Provides New Demons To The Conjuring Franchise

The Nun 2 continues The Conjuring development of including extra demons to the lore of the movies, together with the Goat Demon. The beast that Valak conjures up seems just like a ram, which could possibly be a connection to the Cult of the Ram that worships a wide range of demons in addition to the satan himself. A number of Conjuring motion pictures function the Disciples of the Ram, who kill within the identify of the half-ram, half-man demon and whose membership has included Annabelle the demonic doll and Father Kastner. Goats have lengthy been related to the satan, significantly because the familiars of witches who worshiped Devil throughout their sabbath in medieval Europe.

A part of the enjoyment of The Conjuring Universe has been not solely the looks of latest demons within the franchise, however seeing the place they may match into the plots of the movies. Because the motion pictures leap ahead and backward, plot components that seem to have been brought on by the first antagonist of one of many Warren’s instances, like The Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2, had been really the work of Valak or a extra insidious drive. It is in all probability not the final time that the Goat Demon will make an look in The Conjuring franchise, significantly with its ties to the cult and Devil.

4 The Nun 2 Kills Off An Unique Film Character

Fan favourite Father Burke (Demián Bichir), an unique character from The Nun, will get killed off within the occasions main as much as its sequel. Sister Irene and Father Burke fashioned an in depth friendship within the unique film, and the priest was an integral a part of Valak’s defeat. Whereas it is attainable that Father Burke may have had one other run-in with Valak after their epic battle within the first film, the clergyman really finally ends up dying of cholera (although nobody can rule out for positive if The Demon Nun wasn’t accountable for transferring the sickness to him).

3 The Nun 2 Modifications Maurice’s Story

Poor Maurice – between The Nun and The Nun II, Frenchie has been possessed a number of instances by Valak. Regardless of Sister Irene’s greatest efforts, the demon solely appears to lie dormant for some time earlier than feeding off of Maurice and utilizing him to inflict ache and struggling on others. The movie made it look like Maurice was freed from Valak regardless of what occurred on the finish of The Nun, and a post-credits scene in The Nun II reveals Ed and Lorraine getting a name a couple of possession, which is almost certainly Maurice’s, however is considerably problematic when positioned in The Conjuring timeline itself.

This scene hints on the level within the timeline the place the paranormal consultants will carry out an exorcism on Maurice, a video of which options prominently all through The Conjuring movies. It additionally could possibly be a setup for the flashback within the post-credits scene from The Nun. If in reality it really factors in the direction of The Conjuring 4, it is going to must be a prequel set previous to the occasions of The Conjuring, when Ed and Lorraine will carry out the exorcism on Maurice in full, however no matter it seems to be, Maurice’s half within the franchise will almost certainly want The Nun 3 to fill in any gaps.

2 The Nun 2 Makes Valak’s Powers Complicated

The best way Valak’s powers are offered in The Nun 2 could also be complicated for viewers who’ve additionally seen the opposite Conjuring motion pictures. For one factor, Valak is extremely highly effective, nearly too highly effective, killing victims nearly instantaneously when he solely threw Lorraine towards the wall in The Conjuring 2. It even made his powers in The Nun look like kid’s play by comparability, which begs the query of how his supernatural talents obtained so lowered by the point the Warrens encountered him later.

On the one hand, a long-running franchise like The Conjuring may have plot holes if it does a variety of leaping round its personal timeline. Alternatively, In-Universe, Valak may merely have gotten weaker within the many years that handed earlier than Lorraine Warren first locked eyes with The Demon Nun. It is solely believable that it obtained most of its power from feeding off of somebody like Maurice and once they had been gone it misplaced its energy supply, however that may make it a really inconsistent demon that’s far too depending on its hosts to thrive.

1 The Nun 2 Makes Ed’s Portray A Plot Gap

At one level in The Nun 2, Ed Warren’s portray of The Demon Nun’s portrait from The Conjuring 2 seems regardless of it being from a time sooner or later. Valak usually makes use of visions of the long run to scare victims into submission and feed on their worry, however positioning Ed’s portrait to date again in time would not level to the demon’s prophetic means as a lot because it does a plot gap. A seemingly harmless callback to earlier movies (together with displaying Sophie itself hovering within the Warren’s hallway) makes Valak’s means to see via time problematic for the demon’s destiny.

Since Valak can look into the long run to that extent, or manipulate area and time in order that scenes in a single film that have not occurred but can mix with scenes from a film up to now, the demon ought to have been capable of see its personal defeat. But the occasions of The Conjuring franchise nonetheless happen, and Valak would not do something to cease the Warrens from purging it and sending it again to hell. The Nun II enjoying too quick and unfastened with causality and time loops can create main issues for movies that depend on with the ability to hint a steady timeline for them to make sense.

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