Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

With so many consoles, games, and live services for you to play, it’s no surprise if you’re falling behind in gaming or financially stressed in various directions.

The rewards system levels the playing field somewhat, giving you bonus points that can be used to purchase games, cosmetics, and DLC for free. But which services offer great returns? Check out our list below.

1. Nintendo Rewards

Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo Rewards allows you to earn in-app and physical items that are delivered to you once claimed. Items like Pokémon cable holders, Nintendo 64 posters, and pin sets for various games are some of the items you can expect from the bonus system.

It’s a rather unique offering for a rewards store that usually focuses on digital rewards rather than physical rewards. Another unique aspect of the Nintendo Switch compared to its competitors is how it offers you a lot of customization, and there are other ways you can customize your Switch to make it your own.

Like most reward systems, you’re unlikely to earn enough points to buy a full-priced game. However, just by playing the games you already own, you can definitely buy many cheaper games from your bonus points.

2. Microsoft Rewards

It might not be the best value for money, but since Xbox games are available on its console and PC, Microsoft Rewards is worth looking into. With the overall value for money that Xbox offers through its various systems, such as Game Pass, Microsoft Rewards can help save money and keep your wallet happier.

If you’ve played a fair amount of games on Game Pass throughout the month, you’ll likely be able to afford the next month’s Game Pass with just the accumulated points. Since Game Pass has a very large library of old and new games, its value cannot be underestimated.

Remember, Microsoft Rewards is designed to give you discounts, free items, and Microsoft “points” to keep you playing more. While this is a great incentive, be mindful of how much your video game habits take up your time.

3. Steam point

Steam Points is Valve’s reward system for Steam users. Since Steam doesn’t have a subscription service, PC gamers need all the help they can get. While you can’t turn Steam Credits into real money, each “point” is about a cent and can be spent in the Steam Credits store.

The Steam Points you earn can be used to purchase games, DLC, hardware, applications, soundtracks and in-game items. While gaming platforms regularly hold seasonal and flash sales, earning enough Steam Credit to buy DLC and new games can save you money. To continue enjoying free games, why not send your friends a digital Steam gift to benefit everyone?

4. PlayStation Star

Image credit: PlayStation Blog

PlayStation Stars is another way Sony provides value to its players. PlayStation Stars provides you with PSN wallet funds, PlayStation Store products and digital collectibles. This is in addition to the monthly bonus Sony offers to users who join PlayStation Plus, further increasing the rewards you get as a PlayStation user.

Digital collectibles are an important part of PlayStation Stars offerings, such as characters from exclusive Sony games, devices that have become part of Sony’s rich gaming history, and more. Find rare digital collectibles that you can proudly display on your profile.

5. Google Play Credits

Mobile games are a huge market, and you probably play at least a few different mobile games when you’re on the go. If you’re on Android, you’ll use Google Play to download games, but you can also use it to earn bonus points.

You can use your earned Google Play Credits in a number of ways. While mobile gaming can be a financial vacuum, you can use the Google Play Points Rewards system to offset some of that and succeed in your premium games without spending too much hard-earned cash.

6. Ubisoft Connect Unit

With so many popular franchises, Ubisoft certainly needs some financial maintenance to keep up with its release schedule. Ubisoft Connect Units does its best to help you with this, rewarding you with unique in-game items as well as store discounts whenever you play Ubisoft’s games.

Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, Ubisoft’s two leading franchises, are absolute time slots where you can get lost without noticing the time it takes. While this has some issues, it actually works to your advantage if you sign up for Ubisoft Connect Units. You might earn a lot of points without feeling like you’re spending as much time on Ubisoft’s games as you actually are.

7. Prime Games

Prime Gaming is part of the entire Amazon Prime package, so considering how many people have Amazon Prime, you probably already have a subscription. Given the cost of Amazon Prime, knowing how to claim rewards and extras with Prime Gaming is well worth it.

Prime Gaming is linked with the Twitch platform, giving you many bonuses. You’ll get unique badges for chat, exclusive chat colors and emotes, as well as free games and in-game loot. While other reward systems may be worth the money, Prime Gaming is part of your Amazon Prime package, which means you might as well take advantage of what it has to offer.

Take advantage of the many reward systems out there

There are many reward systems available to gamers, so you might as well take advantage of them. The reward system gives you extra items and cheaper games to keep up with your favorite games and the ones you’ve missed over the years.

These reward systems also make you feel better, by rewarding your in-game achievements with points that have real monetary value, no matter how small.

There are other ways you can earn rewards that aren’t as straightforward as the methods listed above. With gamers consistently attracted and encouraged to spend, it’s good to have a way to offset the financial burden that gaming creates.