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Balok was a infamous determine for younger Trekkies who grew up watching the present. Because of a photograph montage that performed over the credit of “Star Trek,” children received to see the Balok puppet’s terrifying face each single week. Given his cat-like eyes, everlasting frown, and outsize head, Balok induced nightmares in lots of a younger Trekkie, and I’ve personally met multiple one that admitted to hiding their eyes once they knew Balok was set to seem within the present’s credit. 

“The Corbomite Maneuver” is an episode about navy ways, and Captain Kirk (William Shatner) did most of his cautious negotiating and navy bluffing with the puppet of Balok. So as to cover the puppet’s mechanical head actions and unarticulated lips, the makers of the episode added a wavy blur filter to the Enterprise’s viewscreen. The wave impact, after all, solely made Balok scarier. Later within the episode, after Kirk is ready to go to the Fesarius, he sees the puppet up shut and finds the actual Balok to be unthreatening. Each Kirk and Balok admit to bluffing each other and are pleased to let diplomacy begin in earnest. 

The Balok alien in “Decrease Decks” is, hilariously, clearly solely a head and torso positioned on a tabletop. It, too, does not have articulated lips, and can even rotate its head round 360°. So as to add to the mechanical puppet-ness of the creature, it additionally sparks and smokes from below its gown, clearly a malfunctioning machine. When Freeman, in a match of impatience, lifts the Balok puppet above her head, it panics. Miniature legs and arms prolong from below its gown. Lieutenant Rutherford (Eugene Cordero) factors out that the puppet is an actual, organic individual.

It is only a puppet-like individual.

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