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Laura Gray

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Finding unique and eco-friendly table options can be a real challenge, but the Fnatic x ChopValue gaming table offers a variety of options. Is the Fnatic x ChopValue Negative Carbon Gaming Table Worth It?

Finding the right desk is critical for most people when setting up an office, workspace or gaming area. Several inexpensive options can work in a pinch, but for those who spend most of their time sitting (or standing) behind a piece of furniture, choosing the right one can be the difference between comfort and frustration. With so many options, it can be hard to find the right one.

The task becomes even more difficult for gamers looking to source their furniture in an eco-friendly way. However, the Fnatic x ChopValue gaming table collection may have a solution, combining sleek looks with sustainable construction. But at $965, is the coveted price worth it?

It’s a sturdy sit-stand!

Fnatic x ChopValue/Dexerto Fnatic x ChopValue Revive XL packaging signed by the team

For the purpose of this review, we received the Fnatic x ChopValue Revive XL. The behemoth of this gaming table is a staggering 55″ x 29″ and can rise to nearly 4 feet tall. The table is divided into two parts: basic hardware and table top. Everything in the box that includes the base is carefully packaged – but opening the box and placing it on the table top really makes an impression.

Inside the lid, the team left a signature that read “Thank you for giving thousands of chopsticks a second life”. When you’re done, you lift off the protective case and find what can only be described as recycled art.

Setting up the Revive XL is a bit tricky. The base hardware is heavy, and while the directions are clear, it seems like parts may vary from model to model. For example, the Revive XL Sit-Stand Control Box that came with this desk is noticeably different from what is shown on the instructions. Several extra screws and hardware were not used, causing some confusion and anxiety during installation.

Also, the top of this table is very heavy. The process of attaching the surface to the base is definitely a two person job and requires enough space to rotate and flip the table to the desired orientation.

9,565 recycled chopsticks, better than wood

Once set up, the true beauty of this sit-stand desk really shines. As stated in the breakdown of the Fnatic x ChopValue Revive XL gaming table, 9,565 recycled chopsticks were used on the surface. These are shown as compressed blocks that make up the surface of the table. The texture is unique and the top of each chopstick can be seen from the side of the table.

Fnatic x ChopValue/DexertoThe Revive XL brightens up the room with a warm honey finish

While this table is perfect for me and my little laptop, some PC gamers with towers may face a snag. There is no easy way to store or mount the tower under or on top of a table. The table does rise smoothly, but placing the tower in a corner seems precarious, and placing it without a tray or shelf is untidy and bulky.

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Those using the tower will have some cable management options if they choose to place the PC on the floor, as the Fnatic x ChopValue gaming table does have grommets and fixed cable trays underneath. However, I did find myself pulling out the kinks and Velcro strips to make sure everything fell neatly and didn’t get tangled in the tray.

sit and play, stand and stretch

The highlight of the Revive XL is its seamless and easy-to-use lift hardware. There is a small control panel in front of the desk, below the engraved desk logo. The panel can be set to accommodate several different height preferences, or the table can be easily adjusted using the up or down keys.

Fnatic x ChopValue/DexertoThe Revive XL offers plenty of room for displays and decorations

I’m a tall and long person, so the ability to sit slightly higher is not only comfortable but also better for my overall posture. Plus, the sit-stand height is sufficient for even the tallest gamers. Height settings range from 28 inches to 46 inches.

Unfortunately, the adjustment panel doesn’t lock when not in use, so my kid really giggled about raising and lowering the height when he came to visit.


The Fnatic x ChopValue Negative Carbon Gaming Table is everything I could ask for in a small workspace. Its bright colours enliven the office and the unique use of recycled chopsticks gives the surface a pleasing organic and visually pleasing look. The space around my laptop and monitor setup is spacious and comfortable, perfect for workday or late night gaming.

Despite the lack of desktop storage, it’s certainly a no-brainer, while also stepping up to help the environment, even if it comes at a steep price.

You can pre-order the limited edition Fnatic x ChopValue Carbon Negative Gaming Table below: