Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

In fact, it was not the evil company’s intention to construct a genocidal robotic, as that may be dangerous for PR. Relatively, issues appeared promising till Robotic Santa’s good/naughty detector bought tousled on his maiden voyage, presumably as a result of some type of programming error. It is solely on this week’s new season 11 episode, when Professor Farnsworth travels by means of time to remedy Robotic Santa of his must purge the world of its naughty residents, that we study the entire reality: it was Farnsworth, considering he was pre-emptively fixing Santa’s sensor proper earlier than it went haywire, who really brought on the error within the first place.

“I am the one who made Santa evil!” he laments, and it might’ve been an enormous deal. In spite of everything, Farnsworth is now single-handedly chargeable for over 200 years of homicide and mayhem, and for soiling Santa’s good title to the purpose the place Amy tells her youngsters earlier, “I am sorry, children; I by no means wished you to know Santa was actual.” However any such dwellings on the ramifications of Farnsworth’s crimes towards humanity are averted by the reveal that Bender and Zoidberg have unintentionally saved the day. Attempting to get revenge on the crew by drunk-driving again in time to final Xmas to kidnap Robotic Santa, the 2 unlikely mates unintentionally go ahead in time and kidnap this yr’s Robotic Santa. Then they homicide him and switch his physique elements into get together home equipment.

Bender and Zoidberg spend the second half of the episode considering they’ve murdered the great Santa, however fortunately their incompetence and malevolence have gone unpunished as soon as once more. “You are heroes!” Farnsworth declares, and so concludes what’s turned out to be a surprisingly healthful episode. Everybody’s collectively, all is forgiven, and the evil Robotic Santa is now lifeless. Or is he?

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