Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

It’s a must to love “Futurama.” It is the third millennium, sentient robots co-mingle with people, and in accordance with the season 2 episode “A Clone of My Personal,” even the pace of sunshine has been elevated — by authorities order within the yr 2208. But on this wild, futuristic utopia, there’s an precise place known as “House Italy.” 

“Hear up threeple, you will be delivering this package deal to House Italy!” simulation Hermes (Phil Lamarr) pronounces to the 8-bit crew. “House Italy?” actual Amy (Lauren Tom) asks incredulously whereas observing the simulation, to which the Professor responds, “I know, it is an embarrassingly lazy title. However once you’re creating a complete universe from scratch, you’ll be able to’t make up a plausible title for all the things. Typically you simply need to go along with ‘House Italy.'” 

The episode would not simply toss off that meta joke in regards to the exhausting work of inventing a complete universe from scratch — a nod to each Farnsworth’s creation of the simulation and showrunners Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s creation of the collection itself — they really ship the 8-bit crew to an NES-style model of Rome. Quite than climbing the Spanish Steps to ship the package deal, Bender tosses it carelessly behind him. It hits and knocks out the House Pope. “Pappa Pia! He hitta the House Pope!” an 8-bit Papal Gentleman cries out. Bender is carted off to jail, so Fry and Leela see the sights: an 8-bit model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, an 8-bit model of the Venetian canals, and an 8-bit model of Michaelangelo’s David — “so lifelike!” Leela exclaims.

This type of silly genius is the true ingredient X within the potion that’s “Futurama’s” potent, long-lasting enchantment. And it will get stupider! The present has really taken us to House Italy earlier than.

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