Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The concept the universe is only a simulation has develop into more and more well-liked in sci-fi—and Staff Planet Specific will discover simply that within the Futurama season 11 finale, “All of the Method Down.” Hulu has launched a trio of clips forward of Sunday’s premiere to tease what’s in retailer.

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First up, simulated Fry and Leela take a romantic trip.

Futurama | New Season: Sneak Peek Episode 10 Simulated Fry & Leela Discover Area Italy | Hulu

Then, a horrified Bender realizes what “being a robotic” actually means.

Futurama | New Season: Sneak Peek Episode 10 Bender Learns He’s an Synthetic Intelligence | Hulu

Lastly, a surprisingly earnest Bender makes a request… in a strip membership.

Futurama | New Season: Sneak Peek Episode 10 Bender Asks Professor to Make a Solemn Promise | Hulu

“All of the Method Down” wraps up the collection’ first Hulu season (after a 10-year absence from the airwaves), and it wasn’t a flawless effort—final week’s episode, the disappointing “The Prince and the Product,” was most likely its least impressed entry. However general, the season did have some enjoyable moments and, extra importantly, sufficient momentum to make us stay up for Hulu’s subsequent batch of episodes.

Right here’s a abstract of “All of the Method Down,” which arrives on Hulu this Monday:

“The Professor reveals an incredible achievement: a table-top simulation of the complete universe! The draw back: it’s extraordinarily low decision. Variations of our Futurama characters inhabit it, however are every depicted utilizing solely three pixels. Nonetheless, they’ve adventures which might be very actual to them, and 3-pixel Fry falls in love with 3-Pixel Leela.

The existence of this world forces Bender to confront the truth that he too is synthetic… a simulated being. When excessive energy payments trigger the Professor to announce he should unplug the simulation, Bender’s feelings run excessive. He defends his fellow simulated beings, and makes the Professor swear he won’t ever shut the simulation down, or let its inhabitants be taught they aren’t actual.

Tapping into an enormous new vitality supply (sewer-pipe hydropower), the Professor generates sufficient electrical energy to maintain the simulated universe going… and even will increase its decision so it’s now barely distinguishable from the “actual” world.

However now the simulated crew members start to surprise… is it potential their universe is only a simulation? Digital Amy even comes up with a solution to check it… they are going to trigger a cosmic occasion so advanced, no laptop may presumably simulate it.

Bender can’t stand the concept his simulated brethren will be taught they’re not actual. So he makes a heroic determination to enter the simulation… since he’s actually simply software program… and take the place of Bender in that world. There, he’ll share his robotic knowledge with the simulated crew members, simply as they set off a monstrous occasion to check the very actuality of their world.”

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