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Gen V confirms a serious fan idea about Hughie’s origins by that includes a cameo look of Translucent’s son, Maverick, who has the identical carbon-based powers as his father. This cameo means that it is attainable for youths to inherit their mother and father’ superpowers, as Maverick possible obtained Compound V at an early age. The presence of Maverick in Gen V implies that Hughie might have inherited his personal superpower from his mysterious and absent mom, whose id and whereabouts have but to be revealed in The Boys. Season 4 is predicted to lastly reply this thriller.

A personality cameo in Gen V has a stunning connection to the flagship present, The Boys, that appears to substantiate a large fan idea about Hughie. Gen V revolves round a brand new era of younger grownup supes being educated on the Godolkin College College of Crimefighting, a superhero school run by Vought Worldwide. For probably the most half, Gen V has centered on the colourful forged of recent characters it’s launched to The Boys universe, like blood-bending Marie Moreau, size-altering Emma Meyer, and pyrokinetic jock Golden Boy. Nevertheless it might need additionally confirmed a fan idea about The Boys’ personal central protagonist, Hughie.

Thus far, Gen V has been jam-packed with Easter eggs connecting it to The Boys. The collection opens with a flashback to the day that A-Prepare joined The Seven. Emma has a Queen Maeve poster hanging in her dorm room and Sam has a Black Noir poster in his cell. Acquainted faces like Adam Bourke and Ashley Barrett have popped up within the spin-off. A blink-and-miss-it glimpse of a newscast reveals that, following The Boys’ stunning season 3 finale twist, Homelander is perhaps on trial. However one specific cameo look has a hyperlink to a forgotten ex-member of The Seven that will verify a serious fan idea about Hughie’s origins.

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Translucent’s Son In Gen V Confirms A Compound V Element

Gen V contains a cameo look by Translucent’s son, Maverick. Translucent is, after all, the primary supe that The Boys killed. Maverick was first launched at his dad’s funeral in The Boys season 2, the place Homelander lied and informed him that Translucent’s closing phrases to him had been an expression of affection for his son. In Gen V, Maverick is proven to have the identical carbon-based powers as his dad: invisibility and superhuman sturdiness. However since naturally born supes are so uncommon – which is why Ryan, the son of Homelander, is such a particular and essential character – it’s extremely possible that Maverick was injected with Compound V at an early age.

This confirms that, although the method of gaining superpowers is synthetic, it’s attainable for youths to inherit their mother and father’ powers. Compound V might’ve given Maverick any powers, however it particularly gave him the very same skills as his organic father, which might’t be a coincidence. This Compound V element could be very fascinating for Hughie, whose personal energy is teleportation. Perhaps he didn’t purchase the facility of teleportation at random; perhaps he acquired it from a mum or dad. If Hughie’s mom was a supe with teleportation, it could clarify how she disappeared so all of a sudden – maybe she teleported someplace Hughie couldn’t discover her.

Gen V’s Compound V Reveal Has Main Implications For Hughie

The truth that Maverick inherited his father’s powers of invisibility and sturdiness means that Hughie might have equally inherited his personal superpower from a mum or dad. Because it’s been established that his unremarkable dad doesn’t have any superpowers, all indicators level to Hughie’s mom, who’s been mysteriously absent from the start of the collection. The Boys has by no means supplied a strong reply concerning the whereabouts of Hughie’s mom, or precisely what occurred that made her abandon the household within the first place.

Up till now, The Boys has solely supplied a number of imprecise hints about Hughie’s mom and her mysterious id. Earlier than the collection started, she left Hughie behind for an essential motive that has but to be revealed. She’s stated to have been a fan of superheroes, so it’s attainable that she injected Hughie with Compound V when he was a baby, then ignored of disappointment when he didn’t develop as much as be a supe. Gen V’s Maverick cameo appears to recommend that she is perhaps a supe herself, and perhaps she left to guard Hughie from her personal enemies.

The Boys Season 4 Will Lastly Reply The Secret Behind Hughie’s Mom

The primary season of Gen V is confirmed to be going down alongside the upcoming fourth season of The Boys. From bringing again Love Sausage to teasing that Homelander is on trial for his season 3 finale homicide, Gen V has taken loads of alternatives to arrange potential storylines for The Boys season 4. Rosemarie DeWitt has been forged to play Hughie’s mom in season 4. The truth that Translucent’s son has been featured in Gen V, exhibiting his dad’s powers, confirms that The Boys season 4 will lastly clarify the thriller of what occurred to Hughie’s long-lost mom (and whether or not or not he inherited his superpowers from her).

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