Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Gleason’s letter defined that the face-like picture in Michael Myers’ fist was certainly only a coincidence. The artist wrote: 

“Whereas portray the hand my thought was to have dramatic lights and darkish shapes to match the strobe stabbing results of the pumpkin. […] I didn’t consciously know I used to be infusing at the back of the hand a screaming monster with worms popping out of his mouth, eye and nostril. […] his form of freaks me out. I could not have completed it higher if I had tried to do this. What darkish nightmares lurk in my psyche?”

When one sees the monster face, it is onerous to unsee. It is easy to consider, although, that it was unintentional. 

A code that I and lots of of my friends hear circulating all through the Nineteen Nineties was that the jagged pumpkin “tooth” on Gleason’s poster, paired with the knife, spells out two capitals M’s, clearly meant to point the initials of Michael Myers. This, too, was seemingly a coincidence. Certainly, it is seemingly that almost all “codes” you discover hidden in film posters are merely uncommon caprices of the artist. 

One would possibly recall the minor scandal surrounding the VHS video cowl of John Musker’s and Ron Clement’s 1989 animated movie “The Little Mermaid.” Early variations of the quilt featured a big undersea fort made up of glittering golden spires. The spire within the middle simply occurred to be extremely phallic and the poster was finally modified. There have been rumors that the phallus was included intentionally by a disgruntled artist who had misplaced her job and wished to color a penis out of spite. 

Snopes investigated the rumor and located it to be false. It appears the fort was merely drawn in a rush. The penile resemblance was a coincidence.

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