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One of the tough early bosses you combat in Lies of P is the Scrapped Watchman, a large police puppet charged with electrical energy that may be very tough to beat. Break up into two distinct phases, you may need to grasp Pinocchio’s motion and await the right instances to strike. The restricted gear you’ve got at this level within the recreation provides you only some choices for taking down this large automaton.

Be sure that to improve at the very least one weapon or Legion Arm earlier than reaching this boss combat to provide your self higher harm on assaults. Not like the Parade Grasp in Lies of P, the Scrapped Watchman can take much more hits except you enhance your weapons. You may spend a Star Fragment exterior the world with this boss to summon a Specter ally to assist through the battle in the event you would slightly save your improve gadgets for later.

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How To Defeat The Scrapped Watchman Boss in Lies of P

The easiest way to defeat the Scrapped Watchman is to remain near the boss throughout Part 1, then usually dodge to keep away from its electrical assaults in Part 2. The sector the place you combat this enemy is massive, supplying you with loads of area to heal or restore if you get the possibility. Do not forget that assaults from the boss that glow crimson are referred to as “Fury Assaults,” which can’t be dodged or guarded towards, solely countered with a Excellent Guard in Lies of P.

Part 1




The Scrapped Watchman places its hand in entrance of itself earlier than making an attempt to strike ahead at you, leaping away through the assault.

Spinning Strikes

After a winding animation, the boss spins their arms in three consecutive strikes towards you, the third of which is a crimson Fury Assault.

Slamming Hand

The boss pulls again their proper hand for a delayed period of time earlier than slamming it down onto the bottom the place you stand.

Claw Combo

The Watchman swings their fingers backward and forward in a fast collection of assaults that may be dodged or guarded completely.

The extra assaults you Excellent Guard on this Part, the extra the Scrapped Watchman’s stagger gauge will fill in Lies of P, letting you get some free assaults as soon as it breaks fully. The strikes from the boss on this Part are normally slower, supplying you with loads of time to dodge many incoming strikes. Keep affected person and get in some hits after any of the listed assaults right here end for the reason that boss will take time to get better.

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Part 2



Lightning Roar

When the boss’ well being reaches 50%, it is going to emit a roar of electrical energy in a harmful aura that may harm you in the event you keep close to the automaton.

Electrified Leap

The Scrapped Watchman leaps backward earlier than leaping up into the air and flying towards you as a ball. After touchdown, many spots round will gentle up and create strikes of lightning in a number of areas that may trigger big harm except you might be distant from the boss.

Winding Seize

Just like the Slamming Hand assault, the boss reaches again in a delayed assault earlier than hanging ahead. If you don’t dodge in time, the boss grabs you into an inescapable animation that may virtually kill you immediately.

Each assault from Part 1 returns in Part 2 with new electrical properties, typically leaving a small flash of blue power on the bottom that transforms right into a lightning strike in that spot after a short while. Moreover that, the boss combat would not change a lot, so apply the identical methods as earlier than to beat the Scrapped Watchman as soon as and for all in Lies of P.

Lies of P

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X/S, PlayStation 5

Launched: 2023-09-19

Developer(s): Spherical 8 Studios

Writer(s): Neowiz

Style(s): Motion RPG, Fantasy, Journey


Abstract: Following within the footsteps of video games just like Bloodborne, Lies of P is an action-RPG journey recreation with heavy Souls-like influences. Loosely primarily based on the story of Pinocchio, Lies of P throws gamers into the sneakers of the reimagined picket boy as a puppet mechanoid as he wakes up in a metropolis devoid of life. Pinocchio has just one clue as to what’s occurring to him; a single be aware telling him to seek out Mr. Gepetto. Gamers will battle by way of the town of Krat freed from people as they wrestle towards different mechanical and hellish monsters that await them at each flip. To face these threats, gamers can craft varied weapons utilizing gadgets discovered all through the town and acquire new attachments to enhance traversal. The ending will be considerably affected relying on the participant’s narrative and action-based selections. Lies of P can be launched on present and next-gen consoles and PC someday in 2023.

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