Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Juan Atkins has revived his Cybotron challenge for its first EP in 28 years. Keep the Golden Ratio is out October 13 on Tresor. Hearken to “Keep” from the two-track EP under. The Belleville Three techno originator made the album with co-producer Laurens von Oswald; co-founder Rik Davis will not be concerned.

The challenge’s final launch was Cyber Ghetto in 1995, although Atkins had break up from the challenge greater than a decade earlier. Their 1983 observe “Clear” has since been sampled by Missy Elliott, for “Lose Management,” in 2005.

Learn extra in regards to the “Clear” in Pitchfork’s “Early ’80s Disco” characteristic.

Keep the Golden Ratio EP:

01 Keep
02 The Golden Ratio (Model)

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