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A number of of the Ferengi applications that Boimler watches embody advertisements for Slug-o-Cola; some are simple commercials whereas others are product placement so blatant they’d make Meryl (Laura Linney) from “The Truman Present” proud. Slug-o-Cola is a inexperienced gentle drink loved by the Ferengi; in order for you a clue about their weight loss plan, the primary ingredient is outwardly algae (therefore the inexperienced colour). Slug-o-Cola was first seen in “Deep Area 9” and the Ferengi’s urge for food for it hasn’t dulled since.

As for Mariner, she orders a “Dagger of the Thoughts,” implicitly some sort of cocktail. Nevertheless, that is truly the title of an early episode of “Star Trek: The Authentic Sequence” (“Decrease Decks” generally goes meta with its references). The title itself is a line from “Macbeth,” hardly the final time “Star Trek” alluded to Shakespeare. In that episode, the Enterprise visits the planet Tantalus V, solely to have a stowaway: Simon van Gelder (Morgan Woodward), an asylum physician who appears as crazed because the sufferers he treats. Captain Kirk (William Shatner) decides to research.

It is steadily revealed the power’s head Dr. Tristan Adams (James Gregory) has developed a “neural neutralizer” machine. Supposedly meant to calm his sufferers, the machine can rewrite recollections, plant instructions in a topic’s mind, induce ache, or destroy minds. That remaining destiny is what befalls the power-mad Dr. Adams. The episode has a spot in “Trek” historical past; it options the primary Vulcan thoughts meld when Spock (Leonard Nimoy) performs the act to be taught the reality from van Gelder.

As for the drink, “Decrease Decks” does not say anymore. Presumably, the identify is as a result of it leaves hangovers that’ll have you ever screaming like Captain Kirk did within the neural neutralizer.

“Star Trek: Decrease Decks” is streaming on Paramount+.

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