Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

This episode, you guessed it, guest-starred Vulcan ambassador Sarek (Mark Lenard), father of Spock. The Enterprise-D was assigned to move Sarek to his final mission, negotiating a treaty with a race known as the Legarans. Sarek, on the ripe previous age of 202, is in declining well being — however his aides do not inform the crew the specifics. Quickly, tempers begin flaring on the Enterprise, and Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) diagnoses Sarek with Bendii Syndrome.

Since Sarek cannot attend a diplomatic assembly in his present situation, Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) affords to share a mind-meld with him. Sarek will get the captain’s calm and resolve for the few wanted hours whereas Picard takes on his anguish. The 2 males finish the episode with a mutual understanding deeper than a lifetime of friendship may supply.

“Sarek,” particularly Bendii Syndrome, is an allegory for dementia and the ache of seeing a revered elder lose their dignity to age. Within the season 5 episode “Unification,” the illness finally results in Sarek’s loss of life. T’Lyn, although, is a younger girl by Vulcan requirements (she’s 62), so why does she have it?

The episode implies it’s psychosomatic; T’lyn is having a “quarter-life disaster,” per Mariner (Tawny Newsome), and would not really feel like a real Vulcan. Since she doubts her means to control her feelings, she’s subconsciously shedding her means to. After T’lyn shares her historical past with Mariner, the latter offers her a pep speak, calling the Vulcan “one of the vital brutally environment friendly, distant folks I’ve ever met” and reminding her that even a Vulcan as esteemed as Sarek shared her situation. With that reassurance, T’lyn’s signs fade and the crew comes again beneath management.

I, for one, cannot wait to see extra of T’lyn being “Vulcan as a motherf***er.”

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