Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Within the pilot episode for “Star Trek: Voyager,” known as “Caretaker” (January 16, 1995), it was established that the united statesS. Voyager was a model new ship, decked out with organic laptop parts, high-tech holographic medical assistants, and the flexibility to journey quicker than most starships that got here earlier than it. “Caretaker” takes place on Stardate 48315.6, whereas the Voyager itself was commissioned on Stardate 48038.5, only some weeks earlier (a reality established by dialogue within the episode “Relativity” from 1999). The starship was nearly instantly swept to the opposite facet of the galaxy by a near-omnipotent house entity and left stranded 70 years from Earth. It solely took the Voyager’s crew — because of a number of high-tech and time-travel benefits — seven years to return dwelling.

It appears after these harrowing seven years, the Voyager was allowed to relaxation. The ship was retired and the crew scattered and went their separate methods. 

Trekkies would ultimately be taught from “Star Trek: Picard” — set about 20 years after “Decrease Decks” — that Seven of 9 (Jeri Ryan) would start a profession as a violent vigilante (!), and that the Voyager itself would find yourself in a starship museum. There’s an episode of “Picard” whereby Seven of 9, now serving on board a ship known as the Titan, visits the starship museum and ogles the Voyager wistfully. That leaves a 20-year hole the place the Voyager was not accounted for. A niche that “Decrease Decks” handily fills. 

“Decrease Decks” declares in dialogue that the Voyager can be a museum on Earth for 5 years, and can then be transported once more to a space-bound starship museum as seen in “Picard.” The ship’s whereabouts have now been accounted for throughout its 30 years of life.

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