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Ah, Tuvix … the hallways and bulkheads of the USS Voyager nonetheless echo with the plaintive cries of the Tuvok/Neelix hybrid actually begging for his life, an elephant within the room that “Star Trek: Decrease Decks” correctly opted to deal with with its “Voyager”-themed season 4 premiere. The crux of the difficulty is that this: On one hand, the crew of Voyager is marooned within the far-off reaches of the Delta Quadrant and in want of each worthwhile useful resource to make it residence — with Chief Safety and Chief Tactical Officer Tuvok on the high of that record. (No disrespect to Neelix, the prepare dinner and self-professed, uh, “Morale Officer” of the crew.) On the opposite, Tuvix rapidly ingratiates himself together with his new crewmates and fills a novel function that neither Tuvok nor Neelix alone might do. When an answer presents itself that might separate Tuvok and Neelix as soon as once more, the implications of this morality play immediately turns into clear. It will probably solely be completed by what Tuvix instantly acknowledges as an outright execution.

They do not educate these quandaries within the Starfleet handbook.

In fact, “homicide” is a fairly critical accusation to throw at anybody, not to mention a Starfleet captain, however there’s actually no different approach to describe what Janeway chooses to do to unravel their difficult Tuvix scenario. Voyager’s latest crewmember is rightfully horrified by the willingness of his new buddies and colleagues to erase him from existence, simply as that they had began to change into acclimated to his presence and his function on the starship. However at what level does that outweigh the grief and ache of Tuvok and Neelix’s closest family members, who understandably do not want to lose them without end?

The talk ends on an absurdly darkish notice, however “Decrease Decks” doubles down as solely “Decrease Decks” can.

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