Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Over the course of this season of “Decrease Decks,” a mysterious UFO has been systematically attacking and destroying random ships all through the Alpha Quadrant. An Orion ship, a Klingon ship, and a Romulan ship have already been decimated and the attacking UFO has not been recognized. It appears that evidently the Betazoid diplomats have been investigating that mysterious ship, hoping to establish no matter psychic energies it might need.

Sadly, nobody on board the Cerritos — together with the Betazoids — is pondering clearly resulting from a mysterious psychic phenomenon that enhances everybody’s feelings to the purpose of irrationality. The Betaoids are scanned for Zanthi fever, the emotional affliction suffered by Lwaxana Troi on the “Star Trek: Deep Area 9” episode “Fascination” (November 28, 1994).

When Captain Freeman confronts the Betazoids about any attainable impact their presence could also be having on the feelings of her crew, that is when the batons come out. Regardless of preventing highly-trained Starfleet officers, the Betazoid girls make fast work of them. They even handle to make use of their psychic talents to their benefit, sensing that two crewmates are very attracted to at least one one other, and utilizing their second of subsequent flirtation to knock them unconscious. One may assume that psychic party-lovers would not essentially be capable to commit such violence. It appears that evidently Betazoids are simply as steely and action-oriented as every other species on “Star Trek.” We simply had by no means seen it till this episode.

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