Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

In “Road Kings,” Keanu Reeves performs jaded unhealthy boy cop Tom Ludlow. This LAPD detective is about as hard-edged as they arrive (at the least he can be if it wasn’t for Reeves’ inherent likable placidity). From the off, he is kicking down doorways and losing whole gangs in gratuitous motion set items that border on comedy of their fetishization of violent loss of life. Ludlow is not fully reprehensible, nevertheless. He possesses sufficient redeeming qualities that audiences can root for him as he unwittingly discovers simply how corrupt the LAPD can get (it is rather a lot, it is very corrupt).

And it seems everybody exterior of the U.S. has been doing simply that, rooting for Reeves’ tortured LA cop as he navigates the prison underworld and fends off an inner affairs investigation. Based on FlixPatrol, “Road Kings” was the third most watched film globally for August 24, 2023, and loved explicit recognition on South America’s west coast, the place it was the primary most watched movie in Chile and Peru.

It is perhaps sitting at simply 37% on Rotten Tomatoes, however David Ayer and James Ellroy’s collaboration definitely appears to have confirmed a success with streaming audiences. However then, infamous flop “The Snowman” additionally skilled an identical revival when it hit Netflix earlier this yr. Nonetheless, “Road Kings” is not any “Snowman.” Ayer’s route is perhaps overwrought at instances, however the movie is at the least persistently entertaining, with some respectable twists that you’re going to in all probability see coming however which at the least preserve you watching to see if you happen to have been proper.

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