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Warning: Accommodates SPOILERS for The Expendables 4!


The Expendables 4’s ending reveals that Barney Ross’ demise was faked, with proof of his demise intentionally fabricated. The identification of the villain Ocelot is lastly revealed to be Marsh, a CIA agent who labored with Barney years in the past. Lee Christmas makes a shocking determination to remain on the plane service, meaning to sacrifice himself, however is finally rescued by Barney.

The Expendables 4’s ending features a demise reversal, a shock villain reveal, and far more, establishing the franchise for the long run within the course of. The fourth entry within the franchise shifts the narrative focus utterly to Jason Statham’s Lee Christmas, as Sylvester Stallone’s Barney Ross has an sudden position in comparison with earlier motion pictures. The plot revolves across the Expendables making an attempt to take down Rahmat (Iko Uwais) and cease a nuclear bomb from detonating that will begin World Warfare III. They’re motivated to take action after Rahmat kills Barney Ross within the crew’s opening lacking, which leaves Christmas kicked off the crew.

Your entire lead-up to a possible The Expendables 4 post-credits scene takes place aboard an plane service that homes a nuclear bomb. Gina (Megan Fox) leads the Expendables aboard the ship solely to grow to be prisoners ready for Christmas to rescue them and assist uncover the true identification of Ocelot, a mysterious villain whom Barney tried to unmask 25 years earlier than. How The Expendables 4 ends permits the film to deliver residence all of its major plot threads by revealing the reality about Barney’s demise, who Ocelot is, the villain’s plan, and extra. It additionally means leaving the door open for the franchise to proceed.

Barney Ross Is Alive & How He Faked His Demise

The large second on the finish of The Expendables 4 is the affirmation that Barney Ross’ demise was fabricated. Audiences are positive to be suspicious of this lethal destiny for Sylvester Stallone’s character contemplating how early on it occurs within the film, however the proof of his demise is ample. The Expendables crew aircraft crashes with none indicators of Barney escaping, and the film makes the choice to indicate a burnt physique carrying his signature ring nonetheless within the cockpit. Nonetheless, Barney returns to save lots of the day, as he’s liable for killing Ocelot and rescuing Christmas from dying.

Questions on how Barney Ross faked his demise are instantly answered through the last moments of The Expendables 4. He reveals to Christmas that the physique that doubled as Barney was none aside from Jumbo Shrimp, the person who received Barney’s ring in a thumb-wrestling contest that Christmas fought on the bar early on within the film. Barney reveals that he kidnapped him afterward and stashed him aboard the aircraft. Jumbo Shrimp is dressed within the typical Expendables apparel and carrying Barney’s ring as he wakes up with the aircraft about to crash. Barney parachutes out the aircraft earlier than the crash and goes off the grid to make his demise plausible.

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Ocelot’s Identification, Villain Plan, & Historical past With Barney Defined

The opposite large thriller of The Expendables 4 that’s lastly answered in the long run is who Ocelot actually is and what he needs. The reveal brings the reality that Marsh (Andy Garcia), the CIA agent who labored with Barney years earlier than and introduced the group in to take down Rahmat, is the villain. Marsh and Barney labored on the unique mission 25 years in the past that was meant to unveil Ocelot’s identification and resulted in everybody from Barney’s crew dying. He employed the Expendables and accompanied them on the ultimate mission to take down Rahmat as a method guilty them for the beginning of World Warfare III.

Marsh’s motives in The Expendables 4 as Ocelot are quite simple. He believes that World Warfare III is inevitable and is aware of that somebody will revenue from it beginning. That is why he’s wanting to detonate the nuclear bomb in Russia and body America for the incident. Marsh resurfaces as Ocelot after Barney dies as a result of it de-classifies a file for the identification of the one man who knew Ocelot’s true identification. Marsh poses as Rahmat’s hostage to get the prisoner out of CIA custody and kills him within the hope of preserving his villain identification beneath wraps endlessly. This is able to have labored if not for Barney faking his demise.

Why Lee Christmas Did not Get Off The Plane Service

Previous to Barney’s return and Ocelot’s demise, Lee Christmas makes a quite shocking determination to remain on the boat after the remainder of the Expendables crew makes it off safely. He was meant to be the final one to descend to security on Decha’s (Tony Jaa) boat, however he cuts the road in an act of self-sacrifice. Jason Statham’s character decides to remain on the plane service to he can flip it round earlier than it reaches Russia and detonates. He needs to make the last word sacrifice similar to he thinks Barney did at first of the film. Christmas would have died on the boat if not for Barney coming to his rescue.

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What Occurred To Rahmat? Is He Useless?

A lingering query left by The Expendables 4 is what occurred to Rahmat. Iko Uwais’ villain was severely wounded in a combat close to the top in opposition to Lee Christmas. Nonetheless, Rahmat managed to flee unexpectedly when Christmas took his focus away from the seemingly dying villain to take to Gina. The Expendables 4 doesn’t deal with how Rahmat escaped Christmas’ clutches, however his destiny is probably going sealed both method. Decha’s boat was the one method off the plane service earlier than Barney sank it and the nuclear bomb went off. This could imply that Rahmat died barring a shock retcon in The Expendables 5’s story.

Did Anybody Else Know About Barney’s Faked Demise Plan?

The whole lot of The Expendables 4’s story is stuffed with thriller and twists, which leaves the last word plan in movement a bit complicated with regard to who knew the reality of what was taking place. Whereas Gina knew in regards to the tracker in Christmas’ knife and deliberate on his arrival, it’s unclear if anybody else knew about Barney’s plan to pretend his demise. It’s clear that Lee Christmas and Marsh have been in the dead of night, as have been Toll Highway (Randy Couture), Gunner (Dolph Lundgren), and others. If anybody else did find out about Barney’s plan, it might have been Gina, contemplating she labored intently with him previous to the occasion.

How The Expendables 4 Units Up Expendables 5: Who Is Nonetheless On The Crew

There is no such thing as a direct setup for The Expendables 5 as a part of the ending for The Expendables 4, however the door is undeniably left open. The film ends with the crew again on the bar celebrating the truth that Barney is alive with Gina and Christmas’ relationship standing reaffirmed. This easy truth signifies that an Expendables 4 sequel can occur. So long as Stallone and/or Statham’s characters are nonetheless round, extra motion pictures can occur relying on The Expendables 4’s field workplace efficiency. Megan Fox is even positioned to return as Gina for a possible feminine Expendables spinoff film if that’s of curiosity.

If The Expendables 5 does occur, the crew seems to largely be set already. Barney might slide into much more of a management position now that he’s again, whereas Christmas can take his rightful place as crew chief in his absence. Toll Highway and Gunner are nonetheless round and capable of contribute, as are newer members Straightforward Day (50 Cent), Galan (Jacob Scipio), and Lash (Levy Tran). There’s additionally a door left open for Dacha to stay an Expendable as soon as extra. After all, The Expendables 4’s ending doesn’t stop new characters from becoming a member of or franchise veterans from returning to fill out the roster both.

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