Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

In accordance with a pair of interviews in “The Making of the Temple of Doom,” Capshaw suffers from a extreme case of ophidiophobia. So when it got here time to shoot a scene the place her showgirl character Willie finds a snake coiling round her, she balked. Producer Frank Marshall, wanting to get the shot off with a minimal of fuss, tried to assuage Capshaw’s fears by introducing her to the reptile with whom she’d be sharing a really temporary scene. It did not go nicely. Per Capshaw:

“I went over and checked out it, and taking a look at it, I get tears in my eyes and I am having a tough time respiration and I am trying… I can virtually work myself up proper now. And I went over and I put my hand on the snake, and I misplaced it.”

Spielberg observed. As he says within the documentary:

“She was shaking and he or she was all white, and you may see proper via her make-up. She had misplaced all of her shade. And I stated, ‘I am not gonna put you thru this. Let’s reduce it out.’ And I reduce the entire scene out of the film. I believe she most likely years and years later, married me for that!”

A union of the anti-snake! They’re nonetheless collectively 32 years later, so congratulations! Nonetheless, I believe Capshaw, and all snake-phobes, might be taught to like these reptiles if positioned in the fitting state of affairs. Spiders? Not a lot. And people creepy crawlies within the chamber resulting in the temple? Kill them with fireplace.

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