Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Markus and McFeely have tirelessly labored on varied MCU tasks through the years, from all three “Captain America” films to “Infinity Warfare” and “Endgame.” Chatting with Gothamist about using time journey in “Endgame,” the duo defined that this mechanic within the movie was essential to introduce shock stakes for audiences and adopted guidelines that had been in step with quantum theories about time journey after they consulted quantum physicists through the filming course of. McFeely stated:

“We truly introduced in two quantum physicists, to ask their opinion about time journey and the way if it may very well be actual — how would it not work? And each of them stated, effectively, given what we learn about particles on the quantum degree the place new analysis signifies that the identical particle might be in two totally different locations on the similar time on the quantum degree, that possibly the Quantum Realm established in Ant-Man would possibly permit for a while journey.”

Quantum concept about time journey additionally leans in direction of the multi-timeline concept, the place the act of touring ahead or backward in time would create a branched actuality as an alternative of reversing the canon established within the unique timeline. This instantly feeds into the multiverse in some sense, particularly with how “Loki” treats branched timelines to ascertain the principles of the Time Variance Authority (TVA). Whereas multiverse leaping is an integral a part of the MCU multiverse, branched realities permit contemporary tales to realize momentum, as evidenced by Wanda Maximoff’s arc in “Physician Unusual and the Multiverse of Insanity.” The duo additionally clarified that this method gave rise to “a system that allowed for issues to remain the identical in [one’s] current actuality,” which helped make these main temporal occasions extra digestible for audiences.

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