Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The Chimaera is a modified Imperial I Star Destroyer, which served as Thrawn’s command ship all through the course of his profession devoted to the Empire, from Commodore to Grand Admiral. Previous to the Liberation of Lothal, Thrawn used the Seventh Fleet to blockade the Outer Rim planet however was later defeated when Ezra Bridger (performed by Eman Esfandi in “Ahsoka”) used the purrgils to tug Thrawn, the Chimaera, and himself into hyperspace. Since their departure within the “Star Wars Rebels” collection finale, Thrawn’s return has been the topic of fixed theory-crafting, together with that of Ezra’s destiny, who was typically theorized to have gone rogue (the precise reveal of his destiny is far more endearing).

The ship’s most original characteristic is the engraving of a chimaera on the underside of its hull, and Thrawn was struck by this particular inspiration throughout his time as Senior Captain of the Chiss Expansionary Protection Fleet. Whereas commonplace Star Destroyers had double-barreled turrets, The Chimaera had eight-barreled ones, presumably tweaked to accommodate the Admiral’s grand ambition and his want for a foolproof airborne fortress that would tank enemies.

One of many ship’s earliest makes use of was in the course of the peak of the Galactic Empire when rebel was only a spark in numerous corners of the galaxy. Thrawn was despatched to squash these potential pockets of rebel, which he proceeded to do over time with none mercy, utilizing the ship to show the tide of some small-scale house battles, together with the assault on the Lansend Twenty-Six house station to recapture Wookie slaves who had escaped with the help of insurgent teams. After successful this explicit house battle, Thrawn went on to take care of numerous threats till the civil battle began, weakening planetary defenses ruthlessly and apprehending malcontents who threatened the reason for the Empire.

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