Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” begins with a montage on the streets of New York. A pickpocket steals a person’s pockets, and it’s instantly handed to an confederate. It appears an entire community of pickpockets is working within the metropolis, passing wallets from one to the opposite quickly and expertly. The tone is that of a ’70s crime film, not a whimsical mutant journey. Ninjas are additionally stalking the streets within the shadows, perpetuating a mysterious crime ring. The Turtles cease against the law after which, because the film’s upbeat theme music kicks in, shout phrases of positivity as they enthusiastically return to their dwelling within the sewers. Their first look astonished many a baby. 

However, as Josh Pais identified, the actors have been sporting their full-body fits and taking pictures on a moist flooring at midnight. Plainly the filmmakers did not depend on the impact the water would have on the latex ensembles, and Pais recalled each downside they encountered. He mentioned: 

“The very first thing we shot may need been if you first see the Turtles strolling via the sewer and coming into the place they stay. All the things that might go incorrect went incorrect. There was water on the bottom and we realized the latex was very slippery. We might be going alongside, and considered one of us would wipe out. That opening sequence took about eight or 9 hours. Issues would break down.”

The opening sequence, all informed, is just about two minutes lengthy.

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