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Optimus Prime’s previous defeat towards Megatron weighs closely on him, including to the strain and penalties of his actions within the current. The Autobots are already dealing with formidable enemies in Starscream, Soundwave, and Skywarp, and the upcoming return of Megatron will solely make their state of affairs worse. Skybound Leisure has plans for a grand return of Megatron within the Energon Universe, probably organising a crossover with different EU titles like Void Rivals and the G.I. Joe books. #WhereIsMegatron

WARNING! Spoilers forward for Transformers #2In the brand new Energon Universe, Optimus Prime and Megatron have already settled the matter of who’s strongest within the Transformers’ new continuity. The respective leaders of the Autobots and Decepticons have already come to blows, and the end result left Optimus with a savage beating.

Transformers #2 begins by offering a short glimpse at what occurred within the earlier conflict on Cybertron between the Autobots and Decepticons. Optimus explains the conflict to his new human buddy Spike Witwicky, relating how the Transformers arrived on Earth.

“It was throughout our escape that essentially the most highly effective of the Decepticons got here to extinguish the spark of my sort eternally,” Optimus tells Spike, talking of Megatron attacking the Autobots on the Ark in house and inflicting them to crash on Earth.

Transformers #2 is written and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson, coloured by Mike Spicer and lettered by Rus Wooten.

Optimus Prime Carries the Weight of the World

Optimus having already misplaced to Megatron previously raises the stakes immeasurably within the current, and the ramifications depart the Autobot chief reeling within the aftermath. Provided that he’s already misplaced two allies after being reawakened within the current day, Optimus feels his failures compounded much more. The Autobot chief is carrying the burden of a number of worlds on his shoulders, an concept that’s beautifully-expressed by Johnson within the opening moments of the difficulty, the place Optimus Prime unintentionally kills a deer by stepping on it. Optimus is a frontrunner, and thus each step he takes carries with it the burden of consequence.

Although Megatron hasn’t appeared but within the present-day storyline (regardless of rumors on the contrary), Optimus Prime and the remainder of the Autobots have already got their arms full with Starscream, Soundwave and Skywarp. On the run and low on Energon, the Autobots discover themselves within the struggle of their lives, and now really feel an obligation to guard the small, weak creatures of the planet they’ve crashed on. Starscream and the opposite Decepticons launch an all-out assault on humanity once they assault an area energy plant, exhibiting no regret as they smash and kill all the pieces in sight. If and when Megatron returns, the Autobots are going to be in much more bother that they already are.

When Will Megatron Return Within the Energon Universe?

Sadly for Optimus and his Autobots, Skybound appears to be setting issues up for an epic return of Megatron, probably even throughout a large crossover between Transformers and fellow EU titles Void Rivals and the G.I. Joe books. Editor Jonathan Manning says within the letters column, “We’ve obtained large plans for his arrival to be as monumental as attainable,” with the editor occurring to begin a brand new hashtag: #WhereIsMegatron. When Megatron makes his official Energon Universe debut, it ought to show to be an epic rematch between the Optimus Prime and the remainder of the Transformers.

Transformers #2 is on sale now from Skybound Leisure

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