Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

The Moore/Braga script was hardly the one one to compete with the Swift/Shannon script — rumor had it there have been dozens of “Freddy vs. Jason” scripts floating round Hollywood on the time — however it is perhaps one of many extra hanging and weird. Notably, it took inspiration from the then-recently-televised O.J. Simpson homicide trial. 

Recall that Jason Voorhees is a campfire story character, a lakeside boogieman who stalks and kills teenage campers at a distant sleepaway camp within the woods of New Jersey. In some unspecified time in the future in the course of the sequels to the unique “Friday the thirteenth” — most likely someday across the sixth movie — Jason went from a woods-bound boogieman into an immortal instrument of loss of life. He by no means spoke and the face below his hockey masks was principally lacking. Moore and Braga conceived of a narrative whereby Jason is arrested by the police for his many murders and placed on the stand to defend himself at trial. That somebody like Jason Voorhees can be entitled to a authorized protection counsel is the stuff of broad satire. Plainly Moore and Braga did not desire a “Freddy vs. Jason,” however a “Freddy v Jason.” 

Jason’s protection lawyer can be a personality named Ruby Jarvis, a relative of Tommy Jarvis and his sister Trish, who appeared in a number of “Friday the thirteenth” sequels. Jason would spend more often than not in jail, whereas Freddy stalked individuals of their desires. On this script, it might be revealed that Freddy as soon as had an affair with Jason’s mom (!) and that it was he who killed Jason again when he was a boy (!!). Freddy re-entered the true world by way of magical shenanigans, full together with his magical nightmare powers intact. 

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