Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Poor, poor Frenchie. The endearingly out-of-his-depth hero first charmed audiences in “The Nun,” saying issues like “Holy s***” when confronted by the holy relic containing the blood of Christ and customarily acquitting himself as exactly the sort of well-meaning, ever-capable dude you’d wish to have in your nook when hunted by a demonic nun. After all, that first movie ended with the chilling twist that Valak had now marked him as its chosen vessel, permitting it to flee the lure set by Taissa Farmiga’s Sister Irene and dwell to hang-out one other day.

In “The Nun II,” it is protected to say Frenchie’s put by the wringer a bit. /Movie’s Jacob Corridor had the chance to speak to director and “The Conjuring” veteran Michael Chaves in a not too long ago printed interview, and the director expanded on Frenchie’s awfully bleak trajectory and hinted at the concept, down the road, we might meet up with the pivotal second when the Warrens discover themselves on a violent crash course with a possessed Maurice. Referencing the timeline patiently constructed all through each “The Conjuring” and “The Nun” movies, Chaves had this to say:

“Undoubtedly the exorcism of Maurice is a kind of cornerstone occasions within the timeline. We see it within the first ‘Conjuring,’ we see it within the second ‘Conjuring’ and we all know Valak was part of that and that’s one thing that we all know following this throughline with Maurice that it inevitably results in that.”

It is no spoiler to say that “The Nun II” ends with an eye fixed on future installments of the franchise. The one query is, will this thread get picked up in “The Conjuring 4” or a possible “The Nun III”? That continues to be to be seen.

“The Nun II” is presently enjoying in theaters.

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