Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Soundwave finally reveals up in “Revenge of the Fallen,” the “Transformers” sequel and the final one penned by Orci and Kurtzman. On this movie, Soundwave (voiced once more by Welker) transforms right into a satellite tv for pc, remaining in Earth’s orbit and monitoring communications. For the primary chunk of the movie, he puppeteers the revival of Megatron. His connection to Ravage can be reinvented; the panther Decepticon transforms right into a missile that Soundwave can hearth by the environment onto Earth’s floor.

Within the third movie, “Darkish of the Moon,” Soundwave has come to Earth and now transforms right into a shiny new Mercedes-Benz. Consistent with his spymaster position, he poses as the brand new automobile owned by Sam’s girlfriend Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) and has Laserbeak (Keith Szarabajka) act as his murderer. He meets an abrupt finish within the third act, however the prequel/reboot “Bumblebee” brings him again and renders him identically to his basic self. Regardless of the cassette-player styling of Soundwave’s look, the movie dodges the size-shifting query by by no means displaying him remodeling.

The 2010 cartoon “Transformers: Prime” (developed partially by Orci and Kurtzman) options, for my cash, the perfect trendy replace on Soundwave. He remodeled right into a Predator drone aircraft and thus his robotic mode wasn’t boxy, however slim and sharp (the drone’s wings fashioned his arms, see right here). His face was additionally a clean viewscreen, taking his basic visor to the subsequent excessive. “Prime” Soundwave wasn’t simply taciturn, however utterly silent; when he did select to verbally talk, it was by way of recordings of different characters (greater than as soon as, Soundwave actually threw Starscream’s phrases in his face). This additionally makes Soundwave even scarier; the implication is that he is at all times listening.

Had Orci and Kurtzman come across the concept earlier, I believe “Prime” Soundwave might’ve been the right template to carry the character into live-action.

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