Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

The third WN CEO Summit was held on September 21st. The event, held in Istanbul, Turkey, attracted about 100 C-level executives from game companies from 18 countries.

What makes the summit format special is the absence of speeches, stages and microphones. The event provides a unique opportunity to communicate in an informal setting.

The first part takes place in one of the best panoramic restaurants in Istanbul. Afterwards, participants boarded a large yacht to cruise along the Bosphorus.

In addition to networking, the event featured a series of closed discussions in a roundtable format. This is the traditional format of the WN CEO Summit, where participants exchange views and insights on certain industry issues.

Here are the topics discussed during the event:

Let’s talk about UA. Gaining user experience in other ways; Scaling your business – the most important things to watch out for; Unicorn or disappointment? The role of VCs in this journey; the future of Web3/blockchain gaming; how can traditional investors create value in the gaming industry?

Executives from the MENA region accounted for 57% of attendees, while 19% were from CIS countries.

The WN CEO Summit is an event for game company owners, founders and C-level executives. The first two summits were held in Cyprus and Barcelona, ​​Spain in 2018 and 2019. After that, the event was suspended for two years due to Covid restrictions.

WN Media Group’s next event, WN Conference Tel Aviv’22, will be held in Israel from November 23rd to 24th.