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The Teal Masks DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduces new and returning Pokémon. The DLC-level scaling does not pose a problem for gamers with high-level endgame groups. There are methods individuals can enhance the problem of the brand new DLC themselves via inventive challenges.

The brand new DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, The Teal Masks, appears set to see Kitakami’s Pokémon devastated by gamers. The primary of a two-part DLC, The Teal Masks provides many new and returning Pokémon to the Technology 9 titles to battle and seize. Nonetheless, on the similar time, it’s clear that Kitakami just isn’t ready for the onslaught that it now faces consequently.

The Teal Masks follows the occasions of a faculty journey organized between Paldea’s Academy (Naranja or Uva, relying on the sport model) and sister faculty Blueberry Academy as a three way partnership to the Land of Kitakami. Right here, the character meets a wide range of new personalities, corresponding to Kieran and Carmine, and uncovers the story of the brand new Pokémon Ogerpon and the Loyal Three. However whereas the narrative of The Teal Masks could also be a fascinating addition to the bottom recreation, plainly the precise mechanics that govern it depart Kitakami Pokémon notably susceptible.

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The Teal Masks’s Pokémon Are Too Straightforward To Battle

Assuming that the common individual has accomplished the bottom recreation previous to enjoying The Teal Masks, then Kitakami’s Pokémon within the new DLC will spawn with ranges within the mid-50s and upwards. It’s value noting that as The Teal Masks is accessible comparatively early on. After starting the Treasure Hunt just a few hours into the sport, there’s a stage of scaling problem connected to the content material, making certain that these new to the sport will not be overwhelmed by a sudden spike in problem. Conversely, nonetheless, the utmost ranges that this scaling can attain are arguably too low to pose a problem for an endgame Pokémon staff.

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By the point somebody completes Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, it’s seemingly that the common stage of their staff will likely be within the 70s or 80s, particularly if already contending with top-level Tera Raid Battles. Consequently, this implies they’ll start with at the least a 15-level hole in The Teal Masks. NPC Trainers have groups starting on the similar ranges as wild Pokémon, though extra notable characters do break this development. For instance, Kieran begins with a stage 59 Sentret and stage 60 Yanma, and his staff grows stronger in a while. Equally, distinctive Pokémon like Ogerpon are considerably extra highly effective at Stage 70, however not meaningfully so.

Naturally, such a disparity makes battling in The Teal Masks extremely simple, with one-hit KOs being a standard sight. Even with a Kind drawback, an endgame staff will be capable to sweep via a lot of the opposition with little drawback. After all, there’ll undoubtedly be some accessing Kitakami organically, which might simply change this expertise. Nonetheless, at this level in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s lifespan, it appears way more seemingly that almost all will likely be enjoying on postgame save recordsdata and, consequently, will likely be going through the higher limits of what Kitakami can supply. The Pokémon present in The Teal Masks are merely no actual menace.

Pokémon House Makes The Teal Masks Even Simpler

One other main consider The Teal Masks’s precise problem is the truth that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s compatibility with Pokémon House implies that individuals can even switch loads of robust staff members from earlier video games. These Pokémon are even likelier to have reached stage 100 than a staff solely fashioned in Scarlet and Violet. As a consequence, many who’ve performed since launch will almost definitely have entry to a staff that completely trivializes The Teal Masks even at its strongest. Though the extent scaling included with the DLC is undoubtedly an element, the endgame ranges are nonetheless merely not excessive sufficient to make a noticeable influence on gameplay.

The straightforward truth of the matter is that this DLC is simply too simple to be content material following on from the endgame of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. After all, the truth that it’s chronologically positioned far earlier within the recreation does clarify this to some extent; the extraordinarily excessive ranges connected to Pokémon like Poochyena and Spinarak are very incongruous given they evolve far earlier than this level, however an early-game go to to Kitakami would as a substitute produce Pokémon of way more applicable ranges. Nonetheless, The Teal Masks being launched so lengthy after the bottom video games will make this incidence a rarity until one is on their second playthrough.

Set Challenges To Enhance Problem In The Teal Masks

Then again, regardless of the DLC’s insufficient scaling, there are methods to regulate Kitakami’s problem stage to create a tougher expertise. For instance, as a substitute of utilizing their starter Pokémon in The Teal Masks, a coach might benefit from the brand new Pokédex enlargement to construct a staff of Kitakami-exclusive Pokémon to play via the DLC with. It doesn’t matter what level the DLC is accessed at throughout Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, capturing and utilizing wild Pokémon from Kitakami will assure a comparatively equal enjoying subject between the participant’s Pokémon staff and the remainder of the brand new content material.

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An alternative choice is to take out lesser-used Pokémon from their Containers in order that they use these Pokémon that have been initially captured to finish the Pokédex greater than to construct an precise staff. Just like utilizing Pokémon launched to Scarlet and Violet in The Teal Masks, this is able to promote the utilization of a wider vary of Pokémon and encourage the event of latest techniques consequently. After all, an strategy that mixes each methods, utilizing new Pokémon from Kitakami supplemented by Pokémon from Containers, is an equally legitimate manner of exploring Kitakami at a stage extra applicable to the problem the DLC mechanically units.

It’s considerably disappointing that the extent of Kitakami’s Pokémon is thus far beneath the common endgame Pokémon staff in The Teal Masks. It implies that regardless of the DLC releasing lengthy after the bottom Pokémon Scarlet and Violet video games, there’s seemingly no actual problem right here until measures are taken independently to regulate to Kitakami; though the DLC makes an attempt to cater to the present ranges. As a substitute, battling sees endgame Pokémon with overwhelming energy, defeating all opponents with ease. Though crushing each opponent as a real Champion-ranked coach does admittedly have its personal attraction, these looking for an precise problem in Kitakami might must take some further precautions.

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